Polebarns, Sheds and Haybarns

  • Featuring 88 treated posts which means no more snapped posts from hay bales falling against them! We either set the posts into the ground or use steel Sturdi Wall Brackets when the floor is concrete.
  • Y and knee bracing, to keep your pole building from going over from wind or snow.
  • Posts sunk 4’ in the ground with 240 lbs of concrete as base & support. To keep your pole building from pulling out of the ground from that occasional bad wind storm.
  • 29 gauge. Lifetime metal roofing siding, So that your roofs & sides won’t fade or rust, Lifetime Guaranteed!



Most all Trusses for these Tennessee and Kentucky barns and sheds are supplied by:
MIDDLE TENNESSEE TRUSS, LLC  in Cookeville, TN Phone: 931-432-1975

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